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If you have used Love Scanner before, you would probably know about how useful it is when it comes to online dating. Love Scanner is an online dating search engine that is designed to provide the maximum amount of feasibility to people who are looking to date online. The best way to go about dating on the internet is to make use of a good search engine which will help you in finding the most appropriate people to start talking to, as it saves a lot of time and hassle as well. And, Love Scanner provides you with all of those benefits and features, while providing a significant more. However, because online dating is something that people wish to keep a lid, a majority of the people wonder whether Love Scanner support social networking websites or not.

Nobody would want that their personal dating information be shared on a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook, which would mean that all of their intimate secrets would be exposed. However, the answer is quite simple. Love Scanner does support social networking sites, but it does not upload any of your personal information on to those websites. This means that no matter what the circumstances or the settings are, your activities on Love scanner will not be shared on social networking sites at any cost.

The powerful search engine that comes with Love Scanner has really revolutionized the concept of online dating. Rather than searching through profiles individually, now all you have to do is to enter your specifications and find the people you are looking for. For example, if you are looking to find a 100kg bbw or a 66 kg BBW, just enter in your search terms and choose from the list of women that meet your criteria.

Love Scanner is completely safe and secure, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

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Extreme Pole Dancing!

Had to share this with my Love Monkey Jungle! This is footage from a strip club in Atlanta. Insane!

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Think Racism Doesn’t Exist? Check This Out!

Has anything really changes over the past 50 yrs? Doesn’t seem like it. This dude needs LOVE MONKEY therapy bigtime!

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How To Date After Divorce


Are you ready to get back in the dating game? Have you forgotten how to date? Don’t worry, it happens to us all. Being married to the same person for years, you forget about how and where to meet women. A divorce is such a stressful time, but once you’re ready if you follow some basic rules you’ll be dating again in no time.

1. Find a new hobby.

The first rule of dating is to find a new hobby. No one is suggesting you sign up to a dating site (yet!). But by taking up a new hobby or interest not only is it a great way to meet new people with similar interests, you’ll also learn new skills. Relationships are usually centered around work and family, but this will throw you out of your comfort zone and give you new found confidence.

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Women can be idiots too. Check this out!

A Los Angeles women walked into a tattoo parlor, requested to have Drake’s name permanently etched onto her forehead and walked out scarred for life. The tattoo artist behind the art recently stated: “She was on a pretty good one when she came in, and I think by the time I finished, she was coming down, because her attitude changed pretty drastically once the tattoo was finished.”

And yes…she is eyebrowless! LOL

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Love MonkeyNo matter which holidays your family celebrates, there’s almost no way to get out of seeing your in-laws during this season of family togetherness.  Whether you split time with your family and your spouse’s by holiday, by year, or by trying to fit them both into the same holidays (which is kind of crazy to begin with), you’re going to have to find ways to deal with a situation that can be tense, to say the least.  But if you’re looking to keep the holidays stress-free this year so that you can actually enjoy them for a change, here are just a few tips to keep the murderous rage at bay and possibly even have a pleasant visit with your in-laws.

  1. Host festivities.  Sometimes all you need is a change of venue to ensure a different outcome at family gatherings.  If you traditionally go to your spouse’s family home, offer to host at your house this year instead.  This will give you some control over how the event proceeds (as well as the home-field advantage).
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This gift sure looks like a handful! LOL

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