His joke set everyone laughing.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me.


Why do you doubt me?

Josh is stronger than you.

Lorenzo was in the center of the room.

He told my secret.

Once he got a taste, you couldn't keep him away from it.

What's that supposed to be?

All you have to do is wash the dish.

I can't stand my crazy life.

What do you need to tell me?

You had better stay away from work today.

Gunter didn't want to call attention to himself.

Are you Tim Norton by any chance?

Who did you speak with?

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An acute lack of funds is holding up the plan.

Dan turned over to the police the gun he had found in the woods.

He drove horses tandem out of town.


We're too busy.


Do come to the party.

Didn't you see her at dinner?

Can I open my eyes now?

It's pretty heavy.

To prevent an invasion, the commander used to patrol the border at least twice a day.

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Ford won by one hundred-seventeen votes.

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We have to know. We will know.


The road is straight, but the slope is steep.

I'm not a deadbeat.

That looks more like a Turkish name to me.

When Sri gets drunk, he'll eat a lot of things that he wouldn't eat when he's sober.

What exactly are you planning to do?

Reading comics is usually viewed as the pastime of children.

He lost his position only because he refused to tell a lie.

Does Ralf have any idea where Everett might've gone?

Jiri had a weird dream last night.

It's difficult to help people who can't admit they need help.

Ned is getting impatient with Hsi.

Ami seems busy again.

Slow but steady wins the race.


He has a beard, and therefore he doesn't need to shave.

Audrey gave Donna a cold look.

What did I tell you?

Whose are these shoes?

I'll show it to you.

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In my opinion, Twitter bird is the most evil bird in our world.

From now on he will be there for you.

In the formation of Turkish words, both the meetings of vowels and of consonants follow harmony principles.

I just want to put it all behind me.

The argument presented in Doyle's study was first published as a white paper on drug-related crimes.

Pierre is thinking of going to Boston next winter.

I tried many things but failed after all.


You can always text me.

That's how I know you love him.

Both of them are confused.


I could tell you all the details if you want to know them.

I thought it worked nicely.

For fuck sake!


Hokkaido is to the north of Honshu.

Saqib really makes me angry.

I didn't get her autograph.

That old tradition has disappeared.

Miriamne understands me.

The model plane they built was fragile.

I have to make lunch today.

You are prohibited from smoking here.

She pulled at his heartstrings.


Luke went out of his way to make sure June had a good time.

Please let him come at once.

It's also scary when the lightning strikes across the sky, but what's really scary is the sound. Once, my house was struck by lightning and since then I've become even more scared.

It's too flashy.

You don't seem to understand how difficult it is for young people today to believe in something.

We haven't talked for a while.

We realized it was pointless.

Foreign direct investments in China amounted to $3 billion last year.

Don't hesitate to send a note if you observe an error.

His parents hate me.

His nephew lives in America.

I guess this has happened a few times.

I can't help but feel that when I come here, all my senses are sharper than usual.

Is it true that Midori plays the violin very well?

Barbra walked past the table where Dewey was sitting.

Do you want to do something together?

I still can't reach them.

Jones is an elitist.

You should begin.

Luc laughed to himself.

I forgot your phone number.

Russia Today is a 24/7 English news channel.

She made efforts to accomplish the purpose.

Let's go have a chat with Jordan.

I won't go to the party unless Steve goes.

It's seven o'clock.

I'm glad I have a friend like you to confide in.

You guys get the best shots.

I love this song!


Can you tell me what day it is today?

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I can imagine how the stars feel on tour.

I will show you around.

I no longer want to live in Boston.


I'm calling from a cell phone.

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Stewart wanted to be a minister.

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Griff made banana bread with the overripe bananas.

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It's getting cloudy.

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She's a real character.


"And if your brother turned up at the party without notice tomorrow?" "I would be very happy that he came."

It was in Boston that I first met Clarissa.

I am forced to stay at home.

I have noticed that the bus drivers can't brake.

I let Florian watch a little TV after he finished his homework.


There used to be a pond here where you could see many swans.

There's somebody who wants to meet you.

Luckily, we have a plan.

Vernon helped her mother prepare dinner.

Could you keep your eye out for my car keys?

I didn't invite him to the party. I feel guilty about it.

The government finances are severely constrained because of falling tax revenues.

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How many of us get the chance?

Hiroyuki walked off.

It's been years since I played tennis.

How was your trip to Australia?

I want you to have it.

The storm abated.

Bea wanted Lester to be nicer to John.

I was visiting Liyuan in Boston.

Are you sure it's safe?

Where did you wash them?

A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth.

What was the real problem?

The little girl felt abandoned.


Did I ruin your plans?


I suppose you've heard about what happened to Tuan.

Is climate change really happening?

Won't you have another cup of coffee?

He washes his car at least once a week.

Panzer should've been back by now.

Monkeys are kept in cages.

I know you two had a thing once.

You must respect and see to it that others respect the lawns!

Biodiversity has never had it so bad.

We stayed an extra two weeks in Paris; and we spent it seeing the sights.

Hui can't make me do that.

These computers are different types.

From now on, we'll meet in this room.


I'm not interested in finding out who my birth parents are.

Everett didn't know how many of his students needed help.

Why are you throwing those things in the fire?

If speakers regularly mean something other than what they say, how is it that people manage to understand one another?

I knew right off the bat that something was wrong.

Such being the case, you can't expect he will come here.

How to prepare black porgy: Sashimi, Whatever anybody says sashimi is the tastiest.

Max has unique musical abilities.

Some furniture is put together with glue.

People might think you're stupid if you do that.

I'm willing to take care of your children, if you want me to.


Why do you say such horrible things about me?

Ronald is staying in Boston.

I just gave him one.

You shouldn't complain because you'll look ugly.

You knew I wouldn't do that.

The first immigrants in American history came from England and the Netherlands.

A guard is outside.


"Santorum" is an English neologism, named after homophobic American senator Rick Santorum, which describes the mixture of sperm, fecal matter and lubricant sometimes resulting from anal intercourse.

Van might know Grace's phone number.

I'm not sure how long this will take.


It wasn't just me.

Belgrade has about 2 million inhabitants.

Let's do it this way.

You weren't married to the tattooed guy they took away in handcaffs?

Sharon is kind of pretty.

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I've taken up painting recently.