She agreed to give us an interview.

I saw Liza getting into a dark blue van.

We're doing phenomenally well.

My dream is to live a quiet life in the country.

Would you both excuse me a moment?

It doesn't look like you're busy.

He built a fence around his house.

Are you open for suggestions?

Why are you making that face?

It is alleged that his disjointed speech was written by his best friend.

It's unclear why Gideon isn't here.

Very good job! Congratulations!

Somebody missed the dog.

There's a price on my head for a murder I didn't do.

I guess we've got a problem.


Greg used to mow lawns as a part time job.


Wilson is getting Fritz a cup of tea.


We deepened our friendship.

The forest was covered with snow.

With regards to music, he is one of the most famous critics.

You should go to specialist, for now I will prescribe you medicine.

Why don't you just stay home and take it easy?

The bus stops right in front of my house.

Pia was born rich.

He was impatient of any delays.

Hollywood guns have unlimited ammo, so of course all the bad guys can afford to be such bad shots.

Who that has common sense can believe it?

He used to ask me so many questions about Germany.

It doesn't exist.

Hsuan never looked this way.

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I cannot feed John's dog. It's too vicious.

I'm looking forward to spending time with my family.

In the last few years he has developed the bad habit of being rude to his friends.


We found a turtle in the garden.

Let's start with the easy stuff.

Did you order any food?

What? A little soup and celery is all I get? I'm not a Zen monk. I can't survive on an austerity diet like this.

You must study more.

We are expecting an addition to our family.

You're an ignorant fool.


You are so full of shit.


Take it easy, Cristina.


The sands are running out.

Girls cry more easily than boys.

We are never as vulnerable as when we love.

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The trip was exhausting.


I have to learn a language.


I think you should know that I don't really like you very much.

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Get Dressed!

Can I borrow you for just a minute?

Toft should be more careful.


Tonight it's your turn.

I wonder if Sharan found something.

Cliff's foot was once crushed by a woman wearing high heels in the train.

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We should've done that ourselves.


He'll come home when the moon is full.


He drove me home.


I'd like to spend some time with Nicolette.

Fletcher opened his locker and took out his books.

I know him well.

I guess it really worked for you.

I think you're nice.

Hohn couldn't believe his good fortune.

If there are difficulties give me a call!

He's painting his house.

Yesterday, I ate an apple.


I'm smarter today than I was yesterday.


The soul animates the body.

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Why do you want to know what we are thinking about?

I'm trying to get fit.

I'm still on duty.

He became a meme.

I've called twice.


Will you show me what you bought yesterday?

As long as I'm going to be in London, I ought to see a play or two.

What's her name?


The eclipse type that occurs when the Moon is at its farthest distance from the Earth is an annular eclipse. The Moon then appears too small to completely block out the disk of the Sun.

He went at them with his fists.

Alf has been spending time with Jean-Christophe.

I asked Pilot to stop.

She corrected the error.


What wine goes well with Brie?


I failed to persuade her.

I'm helping them.

I see that you properly understood Kafka, maybe even better than he understood himself.

It has it moments.

This question seems to allow two answers.

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The meeting room must be clean.

Mike insists on seeing you alone.

Are you suggesting I'm a liar?


Had she been a friend of mine, I would have advised her not to do that.


The horse trotted down the road.

When do you think you're going to talk to Oliver about that?

Every effort is being made to determine what happened to the ill-fated aircraft.


Give me what you have in your hand.

If you want this marriage to work, you need to choose between spending time with me and working all the time.

He took pains educating his children.

Shouldn't we ask him first?

Stop bullying.

The party was really great.

I was wondering what prompted that decision.

The bad weather delayed the plane.

Juliane showed his credentials.

Betsy was annoyed by Jeremy's silence.

She has a lot of gray hair.

Which do you like better, white wine or red wine?

You can do better than that.

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Will the train leave on time?

I promise you, I will explain everything afterwards.

Vicky raked up all the leaves.

As for me, I will not approve of the plan.

Jinny has a large dick.

He finally yielded to the request of his wife and bought a house.

My mother told me to mow the lawn.

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That seems about right.


Why is the light on?

You're taking a big risk coming here.

I asked Bradley why he had gone to Boston.

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The teacher said that we are the future of our home country.

It took me several hours to finish it.

Daniel couldn't feel a thing.

Loukas reminded Joel that they could no longer have children.

Carsten went bonkers.


You're going to be a father.


Dinda, Nurul and Sabina are friends. They've known each other since they were children.

I think Valerie is prejudiced.

I'd like to confide in you.


Who wants to translate this article?

You have to let me talk to her.

Be with God and be a lord. (Obey God to be a king)

The president's off-the-cuff remarks have gotten him into hot water.

When is Leif coming back?

He thinks nothing of his illness.

Samir lives in a slum.

All the events described in this story are imaginary.

I could die tomorrow.

She asked her students not to forget her homework.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?


Can't we think about this?


Dan discovered a pile of dirty clothes in Linda's backyard.

We lost Amir.

I'm not very good at remembering names.

Why don't you trust me just for once?

You have every right to be upset.


Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

This book presents to you 10 original ways to retain your sanity.

It is marvelous.

Jennie didn't mean to do it.

If they had offered you the job, would you have accepted it?

You had better not repeat such an error.

You call that music? To me it's no more than noise.

I think it is needless to talk about it.

One of Roger Miller's biggest hits was "King of the Road."

You're not too busy to talk, are you?

Samir just wants your attention.

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Kanthan certainly knows what he's doing.

We're doing what we can.

How could I be a robot? Robots can't dream.

Fay and Carter plan to have a party next week.

When was the last time you left work early?