The two sides fought fiercely in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

I knew this was too good to be true.


I wish I could be in Boston now.

Did you bake a cake?

It's an old organization that uses secret rituals.

Here are a few good rules on how to preserve food.

You're probably hungry. Let me get you something to eat.

Go pick him up.

The legend says he received his sword from the hands of the gods themselves.

I hate it when you're so happy.

It's a lot more than that.

Why are you doing this?

I want to know what's happening tomorrow.


Go over there, and await further instructions.

Tell them to hurry.

I don't want to go and I know you don't want to go either.

I thought Teruyuki had left.

Locking all the doors, I went to bed.

Are you positive it was Gigi who broke the window?

Jeffery has a list of things he needs to do.

Please write your name in pen.

I think Wolf will be able to solve the problem.


Let's see who can finish doing this first.

His argument has many inconsistencies.

I didn't realize you lived in this neighborhood.


The atmosphere of this planet is not breathable.


Will you do it for me?

Her breasts don't give much milk yet.

And you encourage him?

My guilt leaves no room for doubt.

Both of my parents have passed away.


Mats might've followed me.


This will set a good example.

Skeeter is fantastic.

I'm pretty sure that Steen now lives in Boston.

Please tell me about your problems.

Here's some money. Go buy yourself a drink.

Mr.Goat Butt never told me there would be a partner.

Your boyfriend is really handsome.

Dori has recently become forgetful.

Anyone can participate in the game, no matter what nationality they are.

She applied her handkerchief to his wound.

I couldn't keep lying to Hazel.


She came three minutes after I called.

Patriots always talk of dying for their country, and never of killing for their country.

We're going out tonight.


I worry that I have caught a cold.

Have you even heard a word I've said?

Suresh didn't finish the report.


Kamiya needs a good lawyer.

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Carole isn't from around here.

We're going to be aggressive.

Everything changes.

It is about the size of an egg.

"Are you and George still together?" "No, we split up at the beginning of last month."


The nuances of a language may seem arbitrary to someone learning the language, but to a native speaker, they make perfect sense.

The company couldn't cope with sudden changes.

I can sense your hesitation to tell the truth, but you have to do it.

You'd do the same thing if you were me.

Prove it by experiment.


If it doesn't get better after two weeks, you definitely must get a medical exam.

It's for them.

Let's ease up.

This isn't tasteless.

Are you blaming me?

Tell me what you're arguing about.

I really thought we were going to win.

Sofoklis had a bad stomachache.

He is as wise as any.

Hiroyuki told me he'd be here by 2:30.

Say the names of the days of the week.


What time did you leave your house this morning?


Are you trying to scare me or are you being serious?

There are a lot of things I need to do this week.

Let's be honest. That joke was about me.

Rathnakumar was old.

Wes is the only boy who's ever asked Srivatsan out.

I didn't want them to see me.

The instructor writes on the board.

I dare not even think what happened to them.

This police officer has the authority to make us pay a fine.

Benjamin brushed his horse.

Mr Smith drilled them in English pronunciation.

They didn't tell me their names.

Has anybody else seen this?

I'd suggest that Jarmo talk to somebody about his depression.

Could you repeat the question, please?

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She is too meek.

If you use the quit command noted below, you can make the application exit.

I don't know if I can handle this alone.

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Eva walked into the kitchen holding a small box.

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Everyone is having a good time.

Everybody's looking at me.

I promised to leave them alone.

We were studying all afternoon.

Do you know that hotel?


Could you tell us why you're here?

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I didn't train as much as he did.

Vick leaned his head against the wall.

He likes to cook for his family.

Pradeep sat across from Allan.

My roommate is prodigal when it comes to spending money on movies; he buys them the day they're released, regardless of price.

We were running out of gas, and what was worse, it began to snow heavily.

When he was a boy, his home environment was good.

Peggy seems attentive.

Rear end collisions often cause whiplash.

Pedro wants to be different.

Could I get a copy of these?


Fear no more the boss's bark, nor all the union steward's rages.


In any case, I don't want you to worry.

My head really hurts.

At the same time, the clerk Natsue Arimura told Gokijo of his intent to resign after this month.

Did you catch his name?

He behaves as if he were insane.

Jess told me he was going to be busy all day tomorrow.

I'm not sure how long this will take.

Have fun!

I know it well.


Skip didn't like it at all.

She wasn't helping her mother.

Let's get drunk.


Lanny is just an average Joe.

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Students of English often mix up the words 'lie' and 'lay'.

Was she working yesterday?

The night view of Tokyo is wonderful.


He speaks English well.

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We're going to have good weather for awhile.

I'll miss you a lot.

She respects her homeroom teacher a lot.

Please excuse my bad French. I'm just beginning to learn the language.

Send in something to eat or I'll kill a hostage.

I'm happy to see you again.

He is not there.


This is the first time I've ever signed a contract.

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I was only three years old in 2013.

It happens to be the truth.

Stay here and wait for him, please.

I want to wait another week.

She lived in Hiroshima until she was ten.


It's to see your face well.

I could make things easier for you.

Is it OK if I ask another question?

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Let's give Lukas some privacy.

Let's be on our way.

Its potential influence cannot be overestimated.

Dory should go.

This isn't finished at all.

Why don't you go and see?

I don't intentionally lie to people.

Is Rik faster than Joubert?

Cosmos is the antithesis of chaos.

I'm the one you talked to on the phone.

Let's see what we can come up with.

Anyone would have done the same thing.

What's happened is unimportant.

I want to do some bass fishing, but I don't know what to use for bait.

Success doesn't come easily.

Someone is standing at the door.

He struck his fist on the table.

She's now straightening up her room.

I thought I told you not to call Rob at school.

I'm married to Fletcher.

Your duty is to save your country from a foreign invasion.

"It's high time you took a vacation," Jim's boss said to him.

"Why did you buy a new laptop?" "I couldn't resist!"

The lawn always looked better on Tuesdays, but I began to notice he wasn't getting as close to the trees as he used to.

A book came for you in the mail today.

You're a filthy liar!

It made me feel close to them.