You know what I want to hear.

She is not always happy.

Stay as long as you need to.

She won a silver medal.

He is holding his books under his arm.

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Regarding clothing, he is hard to please.

Who painted that?

Jenny dances the samba.


Mom, I don't want to wear this.


It is difficult to have one's own house in Tokyo.

He made a huge mistake.

Marek wanted Nigel to stay with him forever.

He spoke to her about the matter.

Allen will never listen to Pravin.

An office machine is cranking out a stream of documents.

Wanna try the hot tub?

This is my life and no one has the right to tell me what to do.

What were you doing in Boston last week?

Who wrote to Laurel?

Dan was suspected of arson.


All Narendra wanted was for Walt to leave him alone.

Whose decision is it?

I think you're being a bit overdramatic.

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His students adored him.

Mom! Hurry!

I haven't yet finished my homework.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy advises the President about the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs.

You should check on him.

Bradford is able to say 'I like stoats' in over a hundred languages.

The fundraiser was Laurent's idea.


It hasn't happened yet.

Just let me finish.

This is the house where I lived in my early days.

You've got another big day tomorrow.

Nothing has to happen until you're ready.

It looks like a great day for a picnic.

He admitted that he was guilty.

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You must be new around here.


I don't have a solution but I admire the problem.


A river flowed through Eden to water the garden, and there it split into four branches.


It might be worth a try.


We're not criminals.

These men are strong.

A drowning man will clutch at a straw.

Raghu bowed to me as he left the room.

What should I look for?


You're never going to find it.

Debbie heard that Masanao had bought a new computer.

Jasmine and lavender are my favorite scents.


Alan isn't going to fire Bernard.

Lar won't believe a word you tell him.

His eyes look like those of a leopard.

The head is a part of the human body.

Do you know what Pascal's nickname was when he was a kid?

Men should keep out of the kitchen.

Smoking is bad for you.

List didn't want me to tell you about the party.

My dog has a long tail.

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Georgia is his native country.

I'm interested in helping him.

Now it is official.

Toufic won't wait long.

He never looked back.

If you don't keep quiet I'll punch you in the nose.

In reality, it is only held together by duct-tape and zip-ties.


I'm going to the United Kingdom.


Come sing with me.

Joanne liked to draw.

One mustn't smoke because it causes illness.

I need to know what happened to Kyung.

Asia is roughly four times the size of Europe.


It will cost about 2000 yen to repair it.


Let somebody else do it.


Are you going in his place or are you going to pick him up?


Will you call me when you get there?


I can help you stop smoking.


I was not interested in his life.


Les won't be back till tomorrow.

We have to be ready for anything.

Ancient astronomers did not have instruments to help them see objects in the sky.

Things can only get worse.

Ann needs time to think it over.

Our city is rather small in comparison with Tokyo.

Show us what you're capable of.

Nobody talks about me.

He went on singing.


The cat is in its basket.


They've been forced to turn tail.

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Detective Dan Anderson was the only investigator to follow that lead.

The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

She woke up in the early morning.

Jussi has been living here on an expired visa since 2013.

I'm sure Harv wouldn't like it.

It was very cold yesterday morning.

He is noisy, but otherwise a very nice boy.


How can we be sure of his honesty?


I don't think I want that.


We're really going to miss Carolyn.

I think I just figured it out.

I wanted to finish this earlier.

Why did Rebecca do what he did?

I should've known you were a model.


One of the car wheels came off.


Clare looks about a hundred years old.


Carl got out of bed and turned on the light.


I must obey her.


The day is getting longer and longer.


Tarmi believes in the power of love.

I don't like him because he loses his temper easily.

I hate jealous women.

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That's Sandy's daughter.

Is there a telephone in the flat?

Nobody's as fast as you.

Wilmer was given full custody of the children.

I leave tomorrow.

I must have been out of my mind.

Have you spoken with her?

This is just something I have to do.

She worked hard so as to pass the test.

You should have spoken more politely.

Her voice is better.


Not much has changed.

I haven't gotten any letters from Radek yet.

Stephan's death broke Carlos's heart.


When will she leave for Athens?

Eddie walked upstairs.

Twenty-five years after Chernobyl, milk, mushrooms and berries are still contaminated in some parts of Ukraine.

Love me!

Vijay doesn't need to buy anything.

Arlene doesn't think he did anything wrong.

He doesn't look his age.

Marvin goes to the library at least once a month.

Please address the chair!

As Griff and Shane approached the station, they saw their train pull out.

To the best of my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.

I'd never let that happen.

These goods are bound for China.

It'll just be you and me.

Thank you for sending the product information asked for.

She invited me.

I hope you have a happy future ahead of you.

You shouldn't even try making sense of it.

I kept talking to Joyce.

Ping was the only applicant for the job.

I haven't seen him in weeks.

When there's a man around, the work that can be done sure increases.

Aren't you busy?

I learned Spanish from scratch at university.

Marla is still a teenager.

Emil tells me you might want to stay with us.

I can't write sentences, Tatoeba won't load.


Manavendra knew what Mario had done.


I love being in empty rooms.

Vince is going to break up with Lynne.

That guy is a total bummer.

I let my guard down momentarily.

Morgan read everything very carefully.

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I think you might need to give Edmund a hand.