Seeing you always makes me think about my father.

Rajiv put on his helmet and got on his bike.

They say she died.

You saw her, didn't you?

I always get along well with him.

Is it all right to take pictures in this building?

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Where did you learn to read?


I need a meet with Lars as soon as possible.

No one says "I am plowed", but in the third person it is "the land is plowed"; bibo "I drink", bibitur uinum "the wine is drunk"; manduco "I eat", manducatur panis "the bread is eaten"; laboro "I work", laboratur uestis "the clothing is worn out", et cetera.

Mr Johnson was concerned about the amount of money that was being lost because of careless management.

They're still inside.

It's news to me.

Paula urged her parents to let her go out with her friends.

I'm very concerned about Marshall's health.

Ned got Panzer to clean the office.

It was nothing.

Go back to your seats.

Don't leave without me.

What do you think Sanche will want to eat?

What do you mean exactly?

Chin up!

The day we arrived was a holiday.


I don't have any objections.

He would be the last person to betray others.

The results are by no means satisfactory.

How many times do I have to say no?

Stephanie put a hand on Mohammad's right shoulder.

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Blackie makes a lot of noise while he eats.


Ravindran has everything he needs to do the job.


I asked Merril not to go there, but he went anyway.

Mohammad was declared guilty.

This plan requires secrecy.


The most infamous expression for the year 2011 is "Kebab murders".

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We have something else in common.

I made Ravindranath promise to come on time.

I'd love to do it.


The answer is going to have to be "no."

Those present were all moved to tears.

I want you to know Piete did a great job.


Do you think that's a clue?

I could only feel pity for what they were enduring.

The show must go on.

This carpet is beautiful.

Sassan didn't let me do that.


What a cute little boy!


Ask her to help you.

They flew over woods and lakes, over sea and land; below them roared the wild wind; the wolves howled and the snow crackled; over them flew the black screaming crows, and above all shone the moon, clear and bright.

She knows a lot about the latest fashions.


You are quite in the wrong.

How is everyone doing today?

He's very religious.

Take the same road home that you came on.

I wanted everything.

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Swimming is a very useful skill.


I didn't believe the tales of evil spirits.

I'm missing you.

I'm in no mood to do that right now.

There's something out there.

They are leading a loose life.

You and I are never likely to agree on this.

Chuck is always happy.

Is she still there?

Boston is a nice city.

What kind of questions will they ask?

I took one class, but I've found that real-life experience is much more useful.

I've been trying to figure out who William might have given the money to.

We're through.

A sore back hindered me from playing tennis.

Either you or I must go in his place.

It is life that teaches us, not school.

Kieran pocketed the keys.

Sometimes the system of checks and balances gets out of balance.

I'm trying to save Randal.

He interrupted us abruptly.

That would violate our rules.

Give me some more tea.

Antony misses his parents.

You will not receive the gifts.

That is rather unexpected.


Even if it's your own house, please stop walking around naked.

Don't work too hard.

The demon grabbed my sister and, with howling laughter, cast her into a bottomless pit.

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James was unable to finish her lunch.


The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

We're ready for anything.

Don't say anything else.

Have you voted yet?

The snow is great.


Collin kissed Srinivasan and she slapped him.

Spy couldn't make himself heard in the noisy club.

I prefer speaking French with a native speaker.


If I were rich, I would travel a lot.

This work was painted circa 1650.

Srikanth is getting Srivatsan a cup of tea.

I'm wondering when to buy a computer.

I can't believe you've done this.

Her grandfather died of cancer last year.

Hey, are you remotely sane?!

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Tuna has trouble dealing with verbal abuse.

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Cynthia tossed the keys to Stanly.

You're almost never wrong.

I can't walk another step.

The need for reform in Italy is enormous.

I was smiling.

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Pick up the phone.

The river was not so clean.

I'm sure happy to see you.

If you drink, don't drive. If you drive, don't drink.

The cake is ready to come out of the oven.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

I've never shot anyone.

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Would you mind if I sleep here tonight?


Myron gets mean when he's drunk.

I'm a person who was born during the Showa era.

I forgot my wife's birthday.

Marco is very outgoing.

He has lived in Kobe for two days.

NASA has launched a probe called Dawn, whose mission is to travel to the asteroid belt. It will first travel to observe the asteroid Vesta. After collecting data from Vesta, Dawn will intercept with Ceres where it will observe its surface features and collect data about its chemical composition.

You're so strong.

Are you on the committee?

Krill like to breed in really cold water near sea ice.

He ate one bite, and then another.

He had his car stolen last night.

He almost forgot his money.

None but the brave deserve the fair.

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We should offer children free movie tickets as an incentive to attend school.

I meet her once a week.

I don't want you to panic.

He regrets having been idle when young.

Agatha didn't know he'd insulted anybody.


A lack of exercise is bad for your health.

Tourists poured into Karuizawa during the summer vacation.

That wasn't what I'd planned to do.


Henry was not at home, as is often the case with him.


Give me the details of it.


A lot of people say Elwood is the best player on our team.


He used to drink beer.

Do you think I think of myself as an idiot?

Hotta felt a little woozy.

I'll work with you.

Thank you so much!


Why don't you sit here?

The day will come when you will realize it.

Don't you like us?


She doesn't seem to know what to do with her leisure time.

Though he wouldn't admit it, he was very tired.

This consortium has thirteen members.

Mexico has half as many people as Japan.

Christie and Magnus have three grown children and two grandchildren.


I can't do it alone. You have to help me.


Taxis are expensive.

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How many hours have you been studying?


You really know your stuff.


She is looking forward to her birthday party.

What I'm going to do is study French.

I don't remember the next part of the dream.


Oh, and Andy Dillon called...

Sugih and Les told everybody that they'd gotten divorced.

Stop that truck.

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We can work something out.