Did you see Ric going into the restaurant?

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There was nobody here yesterday.

I already have one.

I'm taking antibiotics.

A strong wind blew yesterday.

That's how we do it in French.

They pay us for our work.

You will see fearful shapes in darkness, and wicked voices will whisper in your ear, but they will not harm you, for against the purity of a little child the powers of Hell cannot prevail.


They described the girl as being small.

Aoi dances very well.

You will obey.

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Dana doesn't live too far from the station.

Marie can't cross the border.

She was probably innocent.

Can you recommend another hotel?

The immigrants dream of having a new, better life.


It is so early.

Sridhar might be in danger.

Let's take a short pause.

The child has got the fidgets today.

Frankly, I'm not overly concerned.


Why will I write a letter to apologize?

She jumped into her car.

I still feel unsafe and uncomfortable in a crowd.

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Charles de Gaulle was a great man and also a tall man.


What he needs is not money but love.

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Call the doctor right away.

She's a fashion designer.

Let's see how things work out.

She poured milk into the cup.

There's nothing like a good cup of tea.

Please tell me this isn't happening.

I was a teacher.

A passport is a valid form of identification.

Erick didn't approve of his daughter seeing a married man.

We're meditating.

Give me another cup of tea.


Easter is an important Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Teenagers often break rules.

Danielle didn't expect to win the race.


Ning can't have that, but he can have anything else on the table.

Bring me some soup, please. Hold the pepper.

Stop picking on her.


He has no sympathy for single parent families.

Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

Thanks for your input.

Has the fever gone down?

I'm not certain about that.

Duane gave Marcos some advice on how to pass multiple-choice tests.

This is weird.

Beverly won't come if it rains.

Rainer left a widow and three children.


What did you give Mike on his birthday?


Socorrito is a great guy.


Give me some time to let it all sink in.

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March right up those stairs, young man!

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Chip is in satisfactory condition.

It's what Plastic and I do best.

Whimper all you want, nobody will do this for you anyway. Don't even hope

It will soon stop snowing, and then the weather will improve.

Get somebody else.

She's in a coma on life support.

How did you get tickets for the concert?


Any time you want to borrow my car, all you have to do is ask.

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She turned away and began to cry.

Louiqa isn't going to leave us.

I will begin to work when it stops raining.

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It's so hot outside that I want to spend all day in my air conditioned house.


I think I believe you.


I found a note on my desk, but I don't know whose it is.


She's a model.


No one wants to feel different or left out.


I need anti-itch ointment.

I just don't want you to have it.

Giles knows who they are.

He spent all night cramming for the test.

The differing volumes of carbon emissions are plotted in the graph below.

I hope it'll be quiet.

Your view is too optimistic.

In the garden, you know. I'd like to put out benches and increase the customer seating. Like this ...

You should not allow him to get out of your hand.

How would you change it?

The poet sees what the sun does not.

Benjamin works for a living.

I'm delighted to see you again.

I wish we could've gone a little further.

How did you get past security?

No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them, with powder and lead - Thoughts are free!

You can hide in here until the police leave.

Celia bought a sewing machine for Ed.

Our employees are working around the clock to fix the damage caused by the ice storm.

Could you please show Olof how to do that?

Robbin didn't tell me what Rafael said.

They had a baby last week.

We didn't notice.

Tammy used to play tennis, but he doesn't anymore.

It seems like you're trying to provoke a fight.

All I did was run a little and now my knees are wobbly.

The umpire was partial to the team from his country.


Jeffie has a very nice voice.

The way that she spoke hurt me.

I can't burden Luis with that responsibility.


Elaine didn't tell me all the details.

This might sound strange, but he has suddenly disappeared.

I am a Monegasque musician.

I told Krzysztof to do that.

That's logical.

The actress is very popular with ladies.

Leads never flinched.


Where are you folks from?

He is into the Internet.

We can save on translations by giving it to an employee whose mother speaks that language. -- And I suppose you save on the cost of a doctor by seeing someone whose mother had been a doctor?

Dogs' faithfulness impresses us.

Have you seen this file?

There were all sorts of group activities.

I'm taking French this semester.


I'm just following Lucius's orders.


I find that very interesting.

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That man wouldn't give his name.


Do slugs die if you pour salt on them?

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I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.

He was late for the job interview.

Is everything ready now?

He raised his heel against me.

My father asked me who had visited him the day before.


This umbrella belongs to him.


I don't like lying to Jesper.

He climbed the stairs.

I wasn't trying to fool anyone.


They cannot get the operating system to work.

Is this something you feel strongly about?

I must say something.


I like the meat rare.


I feel embarrassed when I meet somebody for the first time.

Huashi was a terrible husband.

Let's set up a meeting.


She doesn't make me laugh anymore.

I have to explain this to Cathrin.

The neighbours have been banging about next door all morning.

That lake looks like the sea.

Where do you eat lunch?

I let her talk.

We are coming.

I've got anything.

I don't know what Sri thinks about that.


He would die within a month.

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Ramiro invited my best friend to her party, but she hasn't invited me.

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The day we arrived was a holiday.

Tait is waiting out front.

I can write programs in Visual Basic.

The goods have reasonable prices.

Jussi didn't go to the lake with us.

Lanny is all right.

Bert is being supportive.

Whether you get married or stay a bachelor, you'll regret it either way.

Happy is a man who lives in peace and content.

He rarely stays home on Sunday.

He fell into the pool.