I want to beat Val.

This is nothing to write home about.

We've got to warn Hitoshi.

I know where the key is.


There's chocolate ice cream in the freezer.


I wasn't the only one who made promises.


He did hard manual labor through the day.

Don't you see what it means?

I didn't know what Craig had done.

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Giovanni is clearing the garden.

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I find it hard to express my feelings in words.


That's too good a story to be true.

You should leave out these two lines.

She spent the rest of the night with him.

Some people are gifted with the ability to iron out difficulties while others are born trouble makers.

Art may need a new house.


No one would want to hurt us.

He retorted immediately.

The paper is very white but the snow is whiter.

I'm here to talk about her.

Can you make yourself understood in Japanese?

Valentin pretended to understand Stevan's poem.

He loves no one but her.

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I know where you keep your gun.


I haven't seen her since she moved to Boston.

It's complicated, you know.

Scientists are debating his theory about the disappearance of the dinosaurs.


Randell didn't do well on the test.

It isn't safe to drive without a seatbelt.

You need to make a real change.


You must sell it.

I haven't had a cold since I was fifteen.

I thought it'd be more comfortable if we sat here.

He tied the parcel up.

A nice big glass of water is a good way to start the day.

I've come a long way.

Johnathan is waiting out front.


We now have only one week left in the UK before we fly home to Australia.


You have no business doing it.

Acid acts on things which contain metal.

Gordon has high moral standards.

I, for one, am for the plan.

You are pretty like a cherry blossom.


How're you holding up, Sanjib?


I want to have a talk with you.

Love, smoke and cough are hard to hide.

Please tell us the good points of this machine.

He's very fastidious when it comes to booking trips.

He finally achieved what he set out to do.

Meeting girls is hard.

I learn Arabic.

How do you spell "bludgeon"?

Many parents take pride in their children.

You're depressing me.

The prosecution rests, your honor.


My parents wanted me to marry a nice guy like Wilmer, but I was in love with John.

They watch PBS.

Carlos said he didn't want a sandwich.

My mouth dried up.

You don't mean that, do you?

I'm going to be a teacher.

Where did we go wrong?


Raphael sat motionless on a chair in the corner of the room.

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Is now a good time to talk?


He is returning to this town.

You managed it after all.

We're still trying to convince Jean-Pierre to go to college.

I'm not having lunch with him.

You don't know how that happened, do you?

I'm glad I invited you.

You are to blame for the failure.


The leaves fall off the trees in the fall.

It's an apple and it's on the table.

I agree with you 100 percent.

You just can't put a price on a moment like this.

If you are a student, behave as such.

Al is far from happy.

The pigs are not in the pen.

When was the last time you recruited workers?

If I were in my kitchen now, I could add salt and pepper to the mushrooms.

No matter how hard you may study, you cannot master English in a year or two.

Heaving a great sigh I plunk my bread on the table and flump onto the chair.


I was forced to self-publish my book.

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That story brought to mind an old friend of mine.

There's only room for one of us.

Contrary to expectations, they won with ease.

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They kept silent about their plans.

Do you want this job or not?

All the guests did justice to his wife's cooking.


He was supposed to call around ten o'clock.

Tanya wanted to confront Becky.

I know about your feelings.

She cut down a cherry tree.

Have you ever taken a vacation?


I think we should tell her.


Bob is very timid and blushes when chatting with girls.

You live in an apartment.

It's a subject we all know.


No, I'm afraid not.

Tell me that story again.

Yesterday my bicycle was stolen while I was doing some shopping.

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He has all but finished the work.

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Dan didn't know anything about Linda's past.

We've got a long way to go.

French is spoken in France.

Dirk thought that Donne would like Indonesian food.

Soon, the expanse of the galaxy became reminiscent of ancient Polynesian migrational waves throughout the Pacific Ocean.


Hey, what's going on out there?

Felix covered his eyes.

I can't find a job I like.


Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

Somebody's knocking at the door.

He is seriously ill and unlikely to recover.

Shell the eggs carefully so you don't get burned.

When it comes to cheese, it's Camembert. More than the taste, it makes me nostalgic.

She ardently loves him.

He was shot 3 times in the arm.

Does he write an English letter?

I hope Brenda does well.

I think you might be overreacting.

Let's just wait and see what happens.


What's that got to do with us?

The work will be finished by 8 o'clock.

The old German mail carrier did not want to touch the package marked "gift."

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Joe is less active than her sister.

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Is Kees mad at us?

Horst will love that.

How many people died?

Aren't you going to join me?

I have a pen pal in Australia.

We hope you are having a great night.

We don't need that stuff.


I found them.


I'd like to have a few minutes alone with Tyler.

The sidewalk was covered with fallen leaves.

Jos was killed in the line of duty.


This is Stagger's umbrella.

The problem is I don't have much time.

Matt says that he was here in Boston that night.

Magnus heard the toilet being flushed.

That's exactly what I would do.

Disarmament is in practice difficult in many countries.

Check with her.

I make no excuses for that.

What made you do a silly thing like that?

I thought you might need this.

I don't care whether you're busy. Help me.

If you were forced to sign it, the contract is invalid.

A full description of him has been circulated in every newspaper.


Bad habits die hard.


Isidore wondered why Kathleen didn't enjoy swimming.


She never forgets to admire our baby.

I know a very good way to get it done.

I'll never ever forget Gregor.

He is kind rather than gentle.

I'm not your slave!


To tell the truth, she gave away all her money to others in desperation.


Elliott brushed the dirt off his jeans.