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I received a good job offer.

We've got a lot more work to do.

This should be clear to everyone.

I think you need a lawyer.

I might talk to them.

Often, the less there is to justify a traditional custom the harder it is to get rid of it.

Does Nicolas have fire insurance?


We eat with our mouths.

Cheese is easy to cut with a knife.

There might be problems.

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I know the girl you were talking to yesterday.


I'm glad I'm not the youngest person here.

Antonio has a bruise on his right leg.

Norbert decided to snoop around and see what he could find out.

The housing project has fallen flat.

We may have to help Willie.

I think you didn't do it.

I have to learn.

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I couldn't hear what you said.

Masanobu is a monster.

Don't open the door till the train stops.

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I like to swim in salt water.

Mr. Sato asked me many questions about the election.

I've always hated you.


They stood up and reached for his hat on the table.

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She was satisfied that he was honest.


Sorrel appreciates it when Tor comes to visit him in the hospital.

I'll fix this.

Dion said you hit him on the head.

He was excluded from the club for infractions of the rules.

Clem is a worthy opponent.

Trade helps nations develop.

I told Kusum the reason why I wouldn't be able to go.

Japanese children brought up overseas sometimes face great difficulty in adjusting themselves to Japanese schools after returning, even though they have a perfect command of Japanese.

Who's your favorite photographer?

The building you see over there is an auto factory.

The garden was full of beautiful flowers.

A bulldozer was used to level the lane.

There's no point in asking me for money.

He wants to learn Toki Pona.

Can we talk to them now?

This word conjures up a new way of life.

Students will take one of these English courses.

The actual price was lower than I had thought.

He always wants to have his own way.


She had tears pouring down her cheeks.

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A white dove is on the roof.

Is there any sauce left? No, there is none.

Give them the disk.

Women guess everything; they're only wrong when they think.

She said he was sick in bed, which was not true.

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Theodore lives in an old building on Park Street.

I informed Oskar that I wouldn't be attending the meeting.

I was given a nasty look when I asked for my prescription at the local doctor's.

There are no girls among us.

The first time I had Sushi was fantastic.

Ima is lucky to still be alive.

Jill wasn't hard to find.

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I will go to the restaurant at 7:30 pm.

Chris was using drugs, so the police arrested her.

You have to choose one.

She is weakest at science.

Can this be done now?


Please open it.

An argument broke out between her and her son.

Tad, having exiled Tran, was promoted to the beginning of each sentence.

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Cyrus is cleaning his house.


People in Cusco are glad when we speak Quechua.

Sooner would be better.

Don't give up on your dream.

It wasn't all that great.

I like Lojban because I think in a figuratively Lojbanic manner.

We are overfishing the world's oceans.

Physicists discovered that atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating.

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He regretted having been lazy.


That is an epic novel.


We're going east.

He was fired against his will.

I'm glad we hired you for this job.

I have something I want to tell you.

He asked whether he was rich.

I will carry out the plan in spite of all opposition.

Whose plan is it?

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I crossed the street even though the light was still red.


She spoke in a weak voice.

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They seated themselves at the table ready for lunch.


The room charge is 100 dollars a night.

They ate and drank champagne.

I'd like to meet her father.

We're nearly there.

It's a stereotype.

I'm sure it's nothing that can't wait.

I wish you the best of luck.


What does he want me to do?

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Does Wolf have any experience?

He's in a bad temper.

She's loved by her friends.


I can't precisely tell you how long that will continue.


It was almost like Christmas.

He gave me authority to fire them.

My upper-right molar has been throbbing since yesterday.

We deliver your order free of charge within a 20-mile limit.

When she was thirteen, she ran away from home.

I can't get that out of my mind.

The point is, why didn't you tell me?

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He carted her off home a few hours ago.

Murthy, are you all right honey?

It should be possible to do that.


Stacy wants to go by train.


I'm beginning to see the picture.

I can deal with her.

Let's be ready for anything.


Toby is never getting out of prison.

Tal doesn't feel up to going out today.

I like the Kurdish language.


Mutual steps have to be taken.

Water transmits sound better than air.

Although Len is a lapsed Catholic, and Nadeem no longer believes in God, they invited the missionaries in and gave them each a glass of water.

I want you to be quiet now.

If only my thoughts were to come out of my mouth like a receipt being printed.

I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't find Duane.

Allen disliked school when he was younger.

The speech lasted thirty minutes.

I'll ring you up tonight.

This was a winter evening.

The weather was beautiful.

I'd like to visit Boston again.

Order has been restored.

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The bus service won't be available until snow has gone.

Didn't I lend you some money yesterday?

The income tax rate increases in proportion to the salary increase.

I don't know if it was because of the late hour or because of the rain, but there was no one around.

Please stay in line.


Many a man believes the story.

I regret eating those oysters.

"When the dead weep, they are beginning to recover," said the Crow solemnly.


Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars.


In the U.S., we say "bless you" to someone when they sneeze.

This can holds about 4 gallons.

Pass me the salt cellar!

Take the medicine every hour.

I really appreciate it, Beverly.

Something has changed about Dan.

At that time, I was still awake.

Sofoklis is starting to get on my nerves.

Vince couldn't have gotten far.

I was on the go all day today looking for a loan.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.


Are you also from Kashgar?

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Ah, I think I'm gonna cry.

I shouldn't have trusted her.

I could never replace them.

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There's probably something in the box.


We very often only come to appreciate someone or our relationship with them when we lose them.


Here's the way it works.


He laughed at my joke.

I no longer love you.

Don't you dare bail on me.