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He played golf day after day during his vacation.


Go with who you want to go with.

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You've put us in deep water.

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Mott is all by himself.

You need to eat less and exercise more.

Rainer couldn't remember where he'd parked his car.

It's the first time I've listened to this music.

He just wants my attention.

When goods are scarce, sellers have the advantage.

I grasped the whole meaning of the book by reading.

I didn't hurt them.

Praise be to Allah!

You will help us, whether you want to or not.

That's why I think I'll be chosen.

Then I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem.

Can you tell us more about it?

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I swear it's the last time.

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Put some candles in the candleholder.


You can fix all this.

Jan attended Harvard University.

What flavor is that ice cream?


I think that could be a lucrative deal.


He carried six boxes at a time.

It was night when he parted.

I don't have time to travel.

It's very late.

Helen shrieked with terror.

Wine is not to my taste.

The condition looks favourable.


Who's your favorite talk show host?

They live from hand to mouth.

No matter who it was that wrote this book, he's very clever.

As time went on, the Queen had a pretty little boy, and it happened that the King was out hunting; so the old witch took the form of the chamber-maid, went into the room where the Queen lay, and said to her, "Come, the bath is ready; it will do you good, and give you fresh strength; make haste before it gets cold."

It looks like rain. You had better take an umbrella with you.

I'm real upset about that.

What did he do here?

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I'm aware of your problems.

Don't worry about that - that rule is no longer in force in our office.

That's evident.

The time we've spent together has taught us everything about each other.

"You're another" is a hallowed rejoinder to playground taunts.

Subra wore a long baggy T-shirt.

They say that on Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus's ghost rises up from its grave and flies around the world, punishing the bad boys and girls who don't believe in Christopher Columbus.

Why are you playing with my racket?

You should exert yourself to get better results.

I am ashamed of my son's laziness.

Jingbai will be delighted to see you.

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Liliana is a girl's name and its diminutive is usually Lili, but sometimes Iana is used, Iana being the last part of the name.


I'm a villager.

Patricio is being sarcastic, isn't he?

Harold asked me if I could stay and help him clean up after the party.


I planned to become a teacher, but I never did.

He is chary of offending people.

She devoted her life to education.

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Are you going to help Ami?

My name is Mohamed.

Is the meat good?


Did you tell Dani about tomorrow's meeting?


I want to do more.

They say that Tarmi came to Brazil.

Moses's not in.

Why don't you go back to the closest city and file your report from there?

We should pay more attention to environmental problems.


I got this visa at the American Consulate in Kobe.

They named the ship Queen Jerald after the Queen.

Please pass me that butter.

Bryan got a little pie.

I knew you'd quit.


Don't go around breaking young girls' hearts.


I'd like to buy half a cake.

She has been trapped an hour already.

Laurel works for me as my private secretary.

I'm not fit for physical labor.

Police are trained to use weapons.

I'm glad it makes you happy.

His paper is superior to mine.

I went the a ceremony of marrige in church, was beutiful and traditional.

Rhonda will return tomorrow.

Why aren't you in school?

Apparently, Kory is sick.

I said to Chad that you're in a position to influence people.

To add to his difficulties his son died a sudden death.

Sorrel still hasn't shown up.

It's not your fault, so don't worry.

My monthly salary is 300,000 yen.

Did you tell Hui you were having trouble?


They can't work.

The kids got noisy again.

That might not work.

Just wrap it up.

Charley was drunk and he said some things he shouldn't have.

Rebecca heard a twig crack.

Traffic is bad today.

I have to return some books to the library.

Marci just told Jiri to leave.

Duane shows us the city.

Courtney needs to gain more knowledge.

In all likelihood, they'll be away for a week.

Sorry, I'm 30 minutes late because I overslept.

At this time, there's no safer place to be than right here.

We hurried to the airport only to miss the plane.

Please check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Walt narrowly escaped.

He has never spoken with your supervisor since the day that he was hired.

It's very uncomfortable.

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No hard feelings.

Can you think of something better?

I stayed in bed all morning.

The baseball game got more exciting with each inning.

He sneaked around to the back door.

That film is for children.

His plan seems very good from my point of view.

I promised Lievaart I wouldn't say anything.

He is a compulsive gambler.


Shall I call you up later?

Would you mind my opening the door?

You should try it sometime.


On a hot summer day, the air conditioner works all day to keep us cool.

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The carp's longevity is unmolested by the turmoil of the millipede.

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Bernie has cut down on sweets.

What do we do first?

I'll pay for the tickets.

Haruko likes warm springs.

It's just time for children to go to bed.


I owe what I am today to my parents.

Remind me to give this to Isabelle.

I was too afraid to do anything.

The game will probably be canceled.

I'm sure Jamie is just fine.

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Wolfgang doesn't study a lot.


I was able to do it.

Can you forgive us?

Radek is now on vacation.

A party was held in honor of the visiting writer.

A runner must pass the baton in a relay race.


Hurf walked over to the woman with a drink in her hand and asked her what her name was.


Maria is gorgeous.

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Think before you leap.

The police searched her house for possible evidence.

Lloyd makes about fifty phone calls a day.

Glenn is taking a walk with Laurie and should be back before long.

I haven't been the same since you left.

I don't need a hot bath.

I didn't ask them to go there.

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Let's do this first.


He threatened to take everything I own.

You must show respect to your guests.

The event starts at 4pm.


Everyone uses Google.

Gregg stepped back from the window.

You can't hang out here.


I don't know how to help you.


The church is decorated with flowers for the wedding.


It must also be said that spotting what is important in current science is a matter of judgement, one cannot know that one is right.


I think King is the only one here who knows where Sid lives.


I will call on him one of these days.

You have to be more specific than that.

Can Wes tell us about it?

Evolution is a tinkerer and not an engineer.

The police found a note next to the dead woman's body: "To my family, forgive me."