Does Gary have a tattoo?

Karl unwrapped his sandwich and started eating it.


The victim had been beaten up and left for dead.

You must think this is funny.

I love the sound of children laughing.


Heads up!

I yelled at Shatter.

Where is your cap?

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask!

I want to know how you did it.


I saw Griff in the mirror so I turned around and said hi.


Shari and Jill were just in time for the last train.

Wayne won't forget this.

A cobbler should stick to his last.


You said you were alone, did not you?


He is a nice man, except that he talks too much.

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Hui called me up.

You look better without makeup.

The autocrat strove in vain to deal with the situation.


Be sure to follow them step by step.

Merat knew deep down that it was all his fault, but he wasn't about to admit it.

You're more beautiful than me.

Stewart sneezed again.

Lyndon walked back into the building.


I'm not mad at you.

I like her a lot, but not as a girlfriend.

Being able to smile while in great distress is not duck soup for a passionate individual.

I wonder what Mason ate for breakfast.

Are you the hotel manager?

The wooden blocks toppled over when your kid blew on them.

It is just my recollection that there remained no more than 20 people in the village.

Rajendra was unwilling to do what we asked him to do.

Pradeep got back in his car and drove away.

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Once again the road was plunged in darkness.

I like to fish.

I don't like talking about football.

Lucy sometimes visits May.

She just can't have the nerve to lift it up now!

I think Doyle can help me with my problem.

This problem can't be solved with conventional methods.


He is very reluctant to accept the invitation.


What did Ray tell you about that?

That's a stupid rule.

Do your parents know that you're pregnant?

Tears trickled down her cheeks.

The average length is seven hours and forty-five minutes, not much different from what a lot of humans need.

Lynn sang me a song.

That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?


What's on the agenda today?

I'm open for suggestions.

He likes to share his pleasure with his friends.

Aside from his salary, he receives money from investments.

Mott was one of the presenters.


I was three years old at that time.


"Okay, Adrian, pitting, pitting." "I really don't understand this drivethrough. I mean, the backmarker was holding me up, holding everyone up, and I get a drivethrough. Tell the FIA I really don't understand that." "Yes, we think it's very harsh and we will discuss it further with the FIA."

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Janet told me he doesn't have much time.

Please tell Triantaphyllos that I'll do it.

He betrayed you.


Perhaps it's time you told Takao about your accident.

There's a party at Hiroyuki's house tonight.

Don't tell me.

Nothing is better than health.

Do we have a chance?

Ask me anything anytime.

They're hiding in the woods.

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My suitcase disappeared at the airport.

Elizabeth was beaten by his father.

We just have to do our best.


May fifth is Children's Day.

Bill is good at mathematics.

Saturn has rings.

I'm going to talk to Shawn when he returns home.

In the end, it's not that bad.


They eat.


That's the book I bought yesterday.

Roxana didn't give me a chance to explain what I meant.

Is my answer correct?

Olaf thinks it's funny.

The baggage is insured.

She's having an affair.

I think you ought to put more money into your savings account.

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Will you put a dot before the names of the successful students?

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He holds property on their land.

I saw many signs written in Chinese in the meeting room.

How long can we survive in here before we run out of air?

Children need love and attention.

I'm going to the post office now to get a few stamps.

Do you know anyone who would be able to do that?

Have you ever seen a red river?

We need to speak to him.

You've done a lot of good.

Thanks for dropping by.

The clock in the church tower struck nine.

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Most of the bodies were buried where they fell.

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I like the way Trying makes me feel.

The suitcase is packed and I cannot add anything.

It's not what it seems.

Anatole just wanted to talk to Cathryn.

My hands became swollen up while taking a long bath.

I would like to make a phone call.

When I tried to move the desk, one of its legs made a jarring sound as it scraped across the floor.

National pride counts among those things which I don't understand.

I just retired a few months ago.


We're getting married in Boston.


The atmosphere in this restaurant is nice.

Judy spends a lot of time looking in the mirror.

There are certainly some points worth considering.

The wallet I found was full of cash.

He was very kind to invite me to his birthday party.

It's your turn to speak.

I'm not doing it wholeheartedly.

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If you ever touch her again, I'll kill you.

The filled the pitcher with water.

I wouldn't be caught dead buying something like this.

I might be able to help you unclog your sink.

In the course of a year my son grew stronger.

When will you return?

I'm flabbergasted to hear that my best friend died last night in a car accident.

We won't see him again.

He looks every inch a gentleman.

Thanks for letting me speak.

This house will rent easily.


Professional cyclists usually ride in pelotons.

Ueno is the station after next.

It's Moran. What's he doing out here?

We shall all die some day.

Allen is concerned about his health.

Let's start again.

Can I get you a diet soda?

He's a skilled linguist.

Maarten sounded disappointed.


I'm not going to worry about what I can't control.

Is it ok if I ride?

I had intended to visit Boston last year.


Are you sure that you want to give this away?

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Are you afraid of horror movies?

I wonder why Dad wants to buy that house.

Nobody was listening to the speech.

Timo has three beautiful daughters.

I wonder if I should tell him the truth.

You get off at Yotuya Station.

Spass is an interior designer.

Did you see the eclipse yesterday?

There was a pack of paper on the table.

Jane told us that cooking was not difficult.

Stephanie might've followed them.


We had to learn the poem by heart.

It's almost time for us to go.

I like weak coffee better than strong.


Lars's girlfriend knitted him a sweater.

Hey, what's the big secret? Come on; let me in on it.

Pierrot is crazy.

Are they in the gym?

I can't remember everything Julie told me.

These aren't ideal conditions.

I think I would have heard gunshots if there had been any.

You do want me to help you, don't you?

At most, Henry has only six dollars.


Nobody can foresee what will happen.

You'd better call the doctor.

I had to take shelter under a tree.


You have, no doubt, heard of our company.

The teacher, not having heard the bell, didn't stop talking.

Men are usually physically stronger than women.