They set off fireworks.

This doesn't involve you.

We're staying.

I might not be able to help.

We cook with a stick.

Comparisons aplenty are being made.


You shall have my car.

Salmonella outbreaks blemished spinach importers' reputation for running clean factories.

They have a less selfish reason for trying it.

Get back in the car.

Everyone is listening to the chairperson.

He took hope from that fact.

She told me you were sick.

I assume you don't want to go.

They are short and thin.


Carole didn't want Rudy to think he was a fool.


I like you more than I like him.

Just keep driving.

Everybody liked him.

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The little boy is crafty.

Some of those things could be mine.

Is he interested in me or something?


But your function isn't Lipschitz continuous!

How could I refuse?

A French airliner is cleared for take-off.

There's no installation fee.

I know you can't stop her.


I loathe you.

Piet is drowning.

Her condition is improving after the operation.

It is generally believed that money brings happiness.

Ed never tells me anything.

I need to find a job.

I'm sure Bill's fine.


I find that suspicious.


The crowd rushed to the exit.

Let's see if Bryce can help.

I didn't sleep well last night, so I don't have much energy today.

Ambition gives me a nosebleed.

Diane is a very wealthy man.

Why weren't you able to do that?

I didn't ask for your permission.

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Water is wet.

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What colour was Henri IV's white horse?


I'm considering it seriously.


Mr. Smith is an acquaintance of hers.

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Don't squirm, the doctor told patient before sticking a scary-looking needle into his arm.

Damon is an absolute fool.

Butler went into the room and slammed the door behind him.

I will hand in my report after school.

Who got married?


Do you expect me to believe you?

She refused my invitation.

Have you had an answer?

Where did you want to take me?

I bought a lot of books.

I cannot overcome my repugnance to eating snails.

He's not responding to my texts.


A is enough, but B is not enough.


Point your finger at your choice.

I felt as if I had no choice.

There was a heavy rain last night.


Something was bothering him.

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Pandora isn't going to stop.

The accused maintained his innocence.

I ate too much today.

It is unexpected what breaks out.

They accused each other.


Hang on a second.

Antony lost all of his money.

At the beginning, I couldn't understand him.

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I'm hoping Billie will help us.


The hunter does not lie down with the prey.

"Maybe I'm going through a midlife crisis." "You're just eighteen, Toerless..."

Everybody hates each other now.

It's pretty clear we have a problem.

My world is fine.

The team is up for the game.

She is an excellent student.

Is it true that Jim has three dogs at home?

This news makes me sad!

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.

The mailman is cute.


They got off the bus.

Was Midori skiing in Hokkaido at that time?

I go to the beach almost every day.

I'm not going to tell you what to do.

I'm really rich, I assure you that.

A novel idea occurred to me.

They've asked me to translate this book into French.

When did you first notice that your wallet was missing?

I can't win.

Josh is very skilled in manual labor.

Set the alarm for six.

He can't see anything without glasses.

Wait here a second, OK?

Will I receive any help?

He has gone back to California for good.

Heidi told me that he enjoys hanging out with Pat.

Les was called down by his boss for coming late to work.

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As a prank, some students let three goats loose inside their school after painting the numbers 1, 2 and 4 on the sides of the goats. The teachers spent most of the day looking for goat number 3.


A man with a full belly thinks no one is hungry.

She worked so hard that eventually she became ill.

I've got a family.

I'm sorry, but I am against this project.

You're using me in your art like this without consulting me?

You said so the other day, didn't you?

Jarvis offered Andrea a job and she accepted.

I always feel blue on Mondays.

How fast you run!


I've never trusted him.

Bobbie's cellphone rang and he answered it.

Do you live there?

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The bill is due on the 1st of next month.


Ima is a girly girl.

Close the door behind you.

Without the magnets on their heads, they could find their way home in any weather.

The baby can stand but can't walk.

I learned it by heart.

Lack of sleep is telling me.

Can we hit the road?

We're very proud of that.

I took your umbrella by mistake.

I had a pleasant experience on my trip.

Huey was sitting on a wall and looking out at the ocean.

We continued chatting.

No matter what you say, I will never believe you.

The waiters bumped into each other.

We thought you could do it.

Their food ran out.

Some stars began to appear in the night sky.


I hate opera.

Shakil couldn't keep from smiling.

Why couldn't you sleep last night?

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I think I have it figured out.

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You should be more reasonable.

Leon didn't waste a second.

Did you see her go aboard?


As a punishment, the disgraced Greenpeace volunteer had to scrub oil from an otter's fur with his own toothbrush.

I have no idea what happened.

He is the same age as me.

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Mat will meet me later.

Get the hell out of my room!

We haven't seen each other for a long time.

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Earle's in the habit of constantly finding fault with everything Uri does.

His name is familiar to everybody in the country.

I want to go to Sweden.

This room has fine ventilation.

I had to do it by myself.

I'd like to see both you and Damon tomorrow.

Fish gotta swim.


"Mahesh told me that they slept together." "Really?"


I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze.

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Many have suffered oppression and misery for a long period of time under the rule of colonialism.

Please be careful not to get hurt.

I had Carsten drive Aaron to school.


What have you done with them?

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In common with many people he likes holidays.

Among the manufacturers of so-called "consumer electronics", there exists ruthless cut-throat competition.

His calmness is more apparent than real.

There is nothing done.

Winning feels pretty good.