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Access to water is a basic human right and it is a crosscutting issue for sustainable development. Water resources have unlimited importance including human survival, Socio-economic stability and environmental sustainability. „Water is right or economic good‟ has been a matter of discourse since industrial revolution in the Eighteenth century. Being the most vital resource to humanity, water experiences socio-ecological mismatch in resource management.

To address the existing problems of water demand and supply, LiquidLife is providing solutions for a decentralized water treatment infrastructure, independent from power sources to provide filtered water to remote areas where it is needed most. LiquidLife’s vision is to provide ‘Clean water for Everyone’


Germs and bacteria cause waterborne diseases

People spending hours searching for water

Every minute a newborn dies of polluted water

Plastic bottles and micro plastics polluting the environment

This is how LiquidLife solves the issues

The Concept

Mobile water filter units are placed in populated areas with limited access to fresh water.

Water is filtered from available sources.

Water is sold directly from the container through Token micropayment.

Mobile water filter units are placed in populated areas with limited access to fresh water.

At night, trucks load filtered water to deliver fresh water to remote places.

Blockchain enabled payments, water analysis, and usage tracking

Our Solutions


Large Container

Water Station

LiquidLife filtration units are mobile and scalable to meet any water demands

Container locations

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