Feel my tongue explore your swollen cum-hole as your cock pops in and out of my wet mouth… tasting your delicious pre-cum… squeezing your balls as I suck your cock… talking really fucking dirty to you as I blow thick smoke all over the head of your dick… get’s me so unbelievably fucking horny because I know it’ll only take a few minutes of dirty cock talk and your hot load will ignite and you’ll pump it straight down my throat! – 640X480 WMV Format

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Time for you to suck dick

Time for you to suck dick

I’ve been looking you for because I have a special surprise for you today! I am going to like it a little more but let’s get going. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I bring another man over and watch you suck his dick for hours and then take it in the ass like a woman. You know you’re secretly gay and that deep down inside you like men. I am going to grab your head and make you suck some dick while I laugh at how pathetic you look. This is going to be oh so much fun! – Natalie Laine

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