This is a picture of the first train that ran between Tokyo and Yokohama.

It appeals to me.


There were a dozen suspects in the case.

He looks older than my brother.

Admission will be free.


I love Boston.

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I suggest you stay away from Kathryn.

I didn't have time today. I'll go tomorrow.

I never once doubted your abilities.

I'll stay until the day after tomorrow.

Do you think Luc killed Donald?


All of the milk was spilled.

I don't like or dislike it.

Janos's dream has finally come true.

This is what he says.

I'll borrow an umbrella from somebody.

I was at home yesterday.

Joshua ought to admit that he was wrong.

I have a low opinion of her.

There are lots of different types of dogs.

I saw you look at it.

I cannot understand what he is driving at.

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Greece cancels the referendum.

She can't ride a bicycle.

I always wash my clothes on week ends.

The enemy attacked us at night.

Would you say Troy is a good listener?

No medicine can cure this disease.

You're so hot!

Archaeological finds are being made in Peru on an almost daily basis.

I wasn't able to catch the ball.


She felt like giving up the plan.

How long did it take you to make this decision?

I will speak to you tomorrow.

Lana came on Monday and went back home the following day.

The old woman had suspected from the very first that the boy who had come to the rescue of her son was a girl in disguise.

We are to pay back the money within the week.

It was inconvenient.

Rainer has never been away from home before.

What a marvelous sight!

How much did you have to pay for the tickets?

How long was the journey to New York?


It's in there somewhere.

Joshua noticed a drunk lying in the street.

That's not what I heard. I heard he's patching everything up with his wife.


He wanted to help her friends.

What do you associate with summer?

Let me get back to you.

Since wolverine is a very evil wild beast, even a bear in the case of encountering a wolverine tries to avoid it.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.


Tell her to come see me.

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What a good scholar the author must be to write such a splendid book!

Don't trust anybody but yourself.

When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust others about you more than you about yourself.

Please keep me informed of the development of the case.

Earl isn't likely to notice the difference.

Watch Liber.

Moderate exercise is good for your health.

There's something fishy going on in there.

Ha-ha-ha, pray forgive me. Please don't worry yourself about that!


The film was inspired by the novel of the same title.

We played golf in spite of the rain.

Don't answer me back.

She hit her boyfriend and broke his nose.

This is the big tough world.

I've been busy all day.

Rex climbed the ladder.


What should I buy as a wedding gift?

Nicholas is quite a talker.

Man is a rational animal.


Sal turned scarlet.

If you want to cry, cry.

She took in the washing when it started to rain.


No, I'm not from the United States.


He knows better than to marry her.

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I'd rather go swimming.

How much longer will it be until we get there?

Owen and Johnnie haven't come yet.

Russ has been living with us for the past three years.

Do you know what this sentence means?

Valeria was hired by us in 2013.

Spring over the ground like a hunting hound.

You're smarter than most of Sandeep's friends.

I'll explain it to him.

Do not open while the train is in motion.

The champion was welcomed by large crowds.

Mother told me to behave myself.

Denis is dressed for a date.

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I know what you thought.

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Were there a lot of Algerians in Germany?


I get off work at 2:30.

This place depresses me.

I told you what you needed to know.

Where did you learn to read?

We were probably followed.

The mother told the children to be quiet.

I took him to the hospital.

Mr Johnson's house is next to my house.

We were beaten.

Which is your stronger language?

Half the class say that they drink coffee.

Boys are stupid.

We'll never forget your kindness.


Please cover for me at the reception desk for about one hour.

I'm here to help Vernon get ready for the party.

I'm moving across the country.

It was believed that the earth was flat.

I don't have so many skills.


I can no more play the violin than a baby can.


Their relationship isn't equal.

The house has two floors and a wood shingle roof.

There remain only two weeks till Christmas.

I love studying music.

Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have gone up in the last six months.

I'm not at all afraid.

Father took his place at head of the table.

Rand found Dimitry's phone number in the phone book.

No one was detained.

They don't want to lose any more.

The reason she killed herself is unknown.

I'm almost thirty years old.

They all ordered hamburgers and something to drink.

I've heard the Malay for "word" means "a piece of something broken off."

I think we should all go to Vince's house.


Graters are good for cheese, potatoes, ginger, and other things you might need little shreds of.


He sang to guitar accompaniment.

Jackye, we've arrived!

I refuse to consent to that plan.

Don't touch him!

I told them I agreed with them.


Out of the mouth comes evil.

Orville divided the bread into two pieces.

Come over here and join us.

I opened a checking account.

Jong is my uncle, not my father.

I persuaded him that he should try again.

In order to finance the war, bonds are issued.

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Kojin Kudo is a born poet.

I felt that they were wrong.

It was such a boring speech that I fell asleep.

She returned his kiss.

They're French.


Shirley knew Jerrie had a roommate.

Several typhoons hit Japan in autumn.

Do you desire to surprise your loved one tonight?

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You really should talk to her.

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"Doctor, everybody is ignoring me." "Next one, please."

What happened to our food?

We got going straight to the north.

I was just taking a shower.

In 1956 Khrushchev denounced Stalin's crimes.

The fact is that she is ill.

That is a reputable store.


Magnus wants to be left alone.

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We've been through this already.


I have a date with him today, so I've been in a bliss since this morning.


What do you have in your bag?

Bradley bought Vernon a car.

Joe looked sad yesterday?

You've got to get them talking.

A growing child who is not full of beans probably needs medical attention.

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Nothing else happened.


It was very impressive.


Heavy smoking impaired his health.