I shook hands with him.

He played the part of Hamlet.

I decided to go.

He should be promoted as soon as possible to maximalize his chances.

He likes to read books.

Everyone is looking forward to watching the game.

Shutoku has done everything right.

Ronald refused to give me a loan.

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He was brought up against the realities of life.

I forgot my shopping list at home.

I've seen enough for now.

Things are complicated.

You have your orders, people.

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Run pipes under the floor.


The ambitious man became intoxicated with his own success.

You're very different from us.

Dana is based in Boston.

I once went to Boston with them.

This is a weak tea, isn't it?

My heart was touched by his story.

We've been over it three times already.

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You should play football.

These claims are false.

By the register of 1764, it appears that the population amounted to 20,100,000.

Should I opt for nitrite-free foods?

Such is the custom of the people here.


The public was shocked.

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The boy tried to saw off the dead branch.

Ssi made a wise decision.

I hope to see my parents tomorrow.

Heidi does do some goofy things.

In early youth, as we contemplate our coming life, we are like children in a theatre before the curtain is raised, sitting there in high spirits and eagerly waiting for the play to begin.

There is no god.

Everything appears to be going well.

Isn't Brodie supposed to be helping Shirley?

I'll see to it that you get to go.

Don't you know me at all?

I know some dirty jokes, but I never tell them.

There were three uniformed police officers at the crime scene.

Could anybody help me to carry this?


Don't keep the car in the barn.

I had been reading for an hour when he came in.

The farm is three miles beyond the river.

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I feel terrible about that.

Danielle makes enough to pay his bills.

I've had this happen before.


Christopher was a professional gambler before he met Brodie.

Dan put everything back in the garage.

I never made a mistake.

Well, what are you singing?

Christopher and Denis went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

That's not what I just heard.

I wasn't paying attention.

Hsuan wondered why Lyndon had said what she said.

We enjoyed playing tennis.

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Don't shoot. I'm coming out.

Hamilton's wife filed for divorce after the incident.

Lorenzo is a man of many talents.

Annie now works as a dog walker.

I left it on the table.

We should get out of here as fast as we can.

This land yields a good crop of rice.

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Penny did not bleed in her first sexual intercourse with Erik.

Ernst and Shadow aren't getting along very well with each other nowadays.

It explains a lot.

There seems to be something out there.

Did you show her your pictures?

She seems to be in trouble. Tell her what to do.

Siping is going to have to live with what he did.

Tareq was wearing a hood.

You can stay as long as you want.

People call her Yotchan.

You've saved all our lives.


What's on your mind, Jisheng?

Lucy called already?

The company turned him down for no apparent reason.

Giles knelt down for a better look.

The exhibition is already open.

Some of these apples are bad.

Helge said he needed three hundred thousand dollars.

We arrived in Boston the day before yesterday.

She buckled down to her work.

Tomorrow the teacher will not attend the class.

Go to sleep now.

The management has agreed to have talks with the workers.

I tested everything.


That was my first thought.

Eric hasn't moved for over an hour.

Tell me what's bothering you.


She was seen at a restaurant with her lover.

I simply don't trust Max.

Let's be frank in this question.


A light-year is a unit of distance. It is the distance that light can travel in one year.

I think it necessary for you to go in person.

Do you believe in prophecy?


Why are you scared?

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Unless you can speak French, they won't understand you.

This bacterium is resistant to penicillin.

My grandson is still a baby.


Please don't go in there.

I'm getting pretty tired of this.

He's in a bad temper.

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He's a former president of the country.


I talked to her for an hour.


I'll meet you in front of the post office.


Roman is helping Ed clear the table.

Clyde joined the search for Percival Lowell's "Planet X", a planet beyond Neptune.

I bought a new computer last month.

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Don't encourage him.

How long?

She went from one shop to another.

I really like travelling by ship.

He's your age.

Charleen, are you filming?

She made the right choice.

He really gets across me.

Alison, your fly's open.

It's complex.

I think I'll turn in now.

Who did you make this for?

Kato's class consists of forty boys and girls.

It could be that I'll return home late. In that case, I'll call you.

Investigators are trying to decipher what happened.

She skipped a class.

They visited us.

That's one problem solved.

It seems that Mr Tanaka has passed the exam.

Do not talk nonsense!

Mikey has too much work to do.

Margie has a big box full of bits and pieces in my attic.

Open the window and let some fresh air into the room, please.

We saw paramedics treating the gunshot victims.

You've got a pretty good memory.


I heard her sobbing.


That scientist wrote a lot of science texts.

Do you want to know the truth?

The details of the agreement are set forth in the contract.


That's typical.

I heard that Robert is ill.

It's the best thing I ever did.


This is the neighborhood where I lived when I was younger.

Brahe died in 1601. His last words, "Ne frusta vixisse vidar" (May I not seemed to have lived in vain") were recorded by his assistant Kepler.

Al asked Granville what her last name was.

Don't leave without me.

Some references claim that he lied.


Why's it so cold in here?

The student missed class three times in a row.

You'd be stupid to trust her.

I want to eat Japanese sweets.

Theo became a staunch conservative.

Boy was I naive.

I am Paul, your flatmate.

Did you carry out your plan?

There were two lines of soldiers.

Those oilfields are still out of production.

Margie has gone underground.

Phillip loved the color of Ariel's new dress.

The baggage is insured.


He resented his friend's action.


I don't want to know how you know that.

I proudly grant you this.

Andreas plays poker with his friends every Monday evening.


The experience had a profound impact on Shadow.

I'll try to distract them.

Chuck rang his boss to tell him he wouldn't be coming in today.

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Our team is amazing.


Did you get your girlfriend a souvenir?