Cristi's hair is longer than Oskar's.

Don't whistle at school.

I can feel Norman's presence.

I don't know how old Cathryn is now.

A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.

If you don't start behaving I'll have to ground you.

There still is time until leaving.

I'm getting married this year.

Why don't you and I continue this discussion in private?

New Year's cards provide us with the opportunity to hear from friends and relatives.

Steven closed all the windows.

The little boy has a dream.

He cannot be young.

I'm not good at classifying things.

You can't be back here.

He's already been in the toilet for quite a while.


Penny closed the door quietly and tiptoed into the room.

Dang! I've lost my job!

There's dust on the table.

Stacey bores me.

It's not even worth a thought.

Police line: do not cross.

Florence Nightingale is famous as the woman who began professional nursing.

I want to make sure we have enough time to finish this.

This is a work from Turner's mature period.

Is eating sugar really that bad for you?

Start at once, and you will be in time for school.


Tomas and Thuan agreed.

Is Michiel on board?

It's important that we find Rodney.

Did you like the show?

I used to live in Australia.

Jorge and Kimmo are always careful.

Indians inhabited this district.

Everyone thinks Roland married Bert for her money.

He who chases two hares catches none.

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I tried to tell Carol what needed to be done, but he didn't seem to be paying attention.

She replied she had never met the man before.

Do you mind if I sleep here tonight?


I as a human being, need respect.

I'm getting little pimples on my face. I wonder if I've been getting enough sleep lately.

It was easy.

Don't get cute with me.

In December 2013, the Department of Agriculture announced it will provide up to $250 million to help businesses and residential customers in rural areas cut their energy bills through energy efficiency and renewable energy use.

Vaughn is the boss now.

This is real.

Where is the closest travel agency?

Would you like one of these?

Do you think that will be useful?

Does Grace go to church?

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That makes it difficult.

How do they communicate?

He appeared confident before presenting his findings, but his presentation was at best equivocal.


It is too dark for me to read.


Clare, you're way ahead of me.

Listen carefully. You need to know this.

I spoke to Darin.

Pierette can't stay here alone.

Without "ethical culture," there is no salvation for humanity.

I almost left my umbrella in the train.

I decided to study stenography.

Greed seems to have blinded his good judgement.

I realized how rare happy people were.

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It's a more realistic plan.

I don't know what I'll do without you.

Ofer braided Isaac's hair for her.


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

He fell, twisting his ankle.

All these devices are unreliable.


I think the answer is yes.

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Mahmoud was the only one who smiled.

This child looks like its father.

I can't take the day off.

Have you got any apples?

"What's the reason for your allergy this time? Is it the olive oil in the salad?" "No, it's the tomatoes."

Salt is an indispensable ingredient for cooking.

Did you question her?

Mat was the one who helped me paint my house.

I can't even remember what we were fighting about.

She has an automatic washing machine.

Did you speak with him?


There is one important fact of which you are unaware.

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I thought I recognized you.


Is it a weapon?

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Let me think for just a second.

No spoilers, please!

I've never experienced anything quite like this before.

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Konstantinos will probably be late for work this morning.

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I've always admired you, Scot.

These tortilla chips are stale.

He's happy.

I'm not so sure that was a good idea.

Dorothy and her friends continued their journey heading for Emerald city.

They will consider this.

I'm laughing at him.


Does this seem fair to you?


He is liked by everybody.

That is an absolute lie.

The priest blessed the children.

Dan killed a pitbull with his own hands.

Jacques is wary.


I did try to warn you.

How many doors are there in this house?

Please send this by sea mail.

There are different types of niqab, some of which cover the entire face.

An image is worth a thousand words.

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You have to get them out of here.

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Ronni keeps bringing that up.

The young men play and the old men watch.

That's absolutely right.

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I failed to go to his birthday party.

Argh, I was so embarrassed today. I wore my clothes inside-out.

My favorite subject is biology.

It's not pretty.

Please, I'd like you to lend this to me.

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We cleaned up our room.


You don't think I have anything better to do in life?

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You remind me of your mother.

Paola handed Pete her purse.

Can you send me a screenshot?

Where did you wash them?

They decided to pull down the old building.


Thanks. Could I return it to you instead?


Are you able to read the book attentively?

I want you to get your own place.

Robbin pointed his rifle on Serdar.

I wish you'd quit throwing things at me.

Free entry.


It's your color!


How long has Marcos lived here?

How many people were killed in the store?

Will anyone volunteer to help me?


I saw you kissing her.

There are other people waiting.

I need somebody to listen to me.

War was giving way to peace.

I had the same problem as you.

Kimmo is terrified of spiders.

We'll take good care of you.

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The child does not even know how to add.

Let's meet in front of the main entrance at two-thirty.

The station is two miles away.

I will be seventeen next week.

Very tall people can often be ungainly.

Next week, I'm taking the plane to Chicago.

It's a family tradition.

She tends to get carried away when arguing about that matter.

The bureaucracy is intolerable.

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He received no compensation for his service.

Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

You're just the person I've been looking for.

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The librarian classified the books according to subject.

Nevertheless, I want to go there.

Her affection came home to my heart.


You are shearing the sheep, aren't you?

Be quiet and listen.

I don't want to have to worry about you.

Sherman handed the contract to Geoffrey.

I have a theory about him.

Hon works out with his father.

He laughed wholeheartedly.


A Mr. Williams came to see you yesterday.


How many times a year do you go scuba diving?